Group message:
C: You guys, he didn’t respond to my last message. He usually does. What the fuck?
M: Is he working?
J: He’s probably working.
C: But like even so, he still does.
C: It says read 9:18 am
J: He’s at work!
C: I don’t care. . .
C: Am I ugly?
C: But why hasn’t he replied?
M: He’s. At. Work.
C: But like I still feel as if that’s not a valid enough excuse.
J: Just give it a couple hours.
C: Fuck that. I’m deleting the message thread and deleting his number.
J: Well. . . don’t do that unless you haven’t heard from him in a day or two.
M: C! Don’t do that!
C: But like why?
M: Because. Just because he hasn’t responded doesn’t mean he’s not going to.
C: Wait, does that even make sense?
J: M’s right. He’s just busy, he’ll text you.
C: I don’t think so.
J: Can we just talk about how _ always leaves me on read and doesn’t reply?
C: But he’s your boyfriend. . .you know that he’s into you regardless.
J: Um, that doesn’t mean anything.
J: At least he responds a majority of the time, right?
C: I mean, yeah. . .
J: So why are you worried?
C: It’s like, I’m not worried.  I’m just psychic and I know what’s gonna happen.
M: What’s gonna happen?
J: And what’s that?
C: We’ve talked for a while. He seemed super into me, like I’m amazing. Then he meets me. And then it dwindles down. And then I give my award-winning advice about blowjobs.
J: Now I’m gonna smack you.
M: C you can’t always keep thinking that. That obviously hasn’t worked in the past.
C: Ugh you know who the biggest fuckboy is?
M: ?
C: Dale.
M: Fucking Dale. Fuck him. I can’t stand him.
J: That’s the guy from the video, right?
C: Yeah
M: Yeah.
J: Yeah he’s not cute.
C: Anyway, so yeah, shit like that, situations like that seem to happen a lot.
M: That’s because you expect it and you can’t let yourself be fucking happy!
C: You sound like my mom.
M: I’m serious lol.
J: _ said you were pretty.
C: Aw, tell him I said thanks.
J: We love you, you just don’t see how amazing you are.
C: My mind is telling me to ruin it before it even has a chance to begin.
C: It’s like I’m stuck on this one level of my life, and I’ve been trying so hard to get to the next level and it just isn’t working. Like, I’m almost there, and then I fucking fall off a ledge or something. And have to start back to the beginning of the level.
J: Well, it’s time to beat that fucking level.
M: That was deep as fuck.
C: Like my throat skills.
M: Oh my God C. Lmao
J: *crying face emoji*
C: You guys, I have to shit.
M: I’m shitting now lol
J: Oh my god.


This is a girl conversation in a nutshell.


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