Eating Ass

Yes, the time has come for me to touch on this topic due to the increasing amount of popularity I’ve seen from a guy’s perspective. So guys, let me ask you this: you like eating ass, right? Cool. But do you like it done to you?
If you just thought to yourself oh my god that’s fucking disgusting, of course not that shit’s gay, then get the fuck off my blog. Because you’re ignorant. Do you not realize that if that is done to you, you have the ability to have an even more intense orgasm? Here’s my story:
I was about to start the story off with me being in high school, but I wasn’t even in high school, I was already 18-19 at the time. Anyway, one of my best friends had told me that her boyfriend at the time had eaten her ass. I thought oh my god that’s crazy, poor him. And then she told me she did it to him and I thought, oh my god that’s crazy, is he gay?

I know, I know: 18-19 year-old Colleen was dumb and inexperienced and ignorant as fuck. Plus, at least people around our age that I knew never really talked about that being a thing, and if it was a thing in someone’s relationship, they kept it behind closed doors because ‘it’s embarrassing’. I was with my ex boyfriend at the time, and I remember telling him this. His reaction was surprised and a little disgusted (I should’ve known then) at the fact that either one would do that. Now, I can’t remember if this was before or after we had anal sex for the first time. I would imagine before. But either way, he was always super afraid of letting me near his ass, even if it was just as a joke. Now, clearly I’ve had more experience in the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been single, but I’m not even sure if I gave his balls much attention. Which is crazy to me. But more on that later.

So, you guys know the story of him hating period sex, right? But I can’t talk shit because I’m not the biggest fan of it either, at least no one has been able to change my mind. And that’s when anal became apart of our relationship. It wasn’t until maybe year 2 when I was on my period, and he was really horny and wanted to do anal, but also wanted to eat my ass. At this point, the only reason why I was in opposition to it was because I was insecure as fuck. And like, even though I showered that day, what if it tasted awful? But he did it, he seemed into it, so cool. At that point I wanted to do it back to him, but that was shut down. There might have been a time where he let me try it, but maybe I’m making that up.

Fast forward a bunch: everyone knows how I feel about blowjobs. Love ’em. Whatever.

I started actually paying attention to balls in that sense probably only about 15 months ago. It was then when I would actually lick them and suck them and put them in my mouth. And actually it wasn’t until I started seeing Tony that I would go even further down while giving a blowjob. It wasn’t always like, full on, but almost. If that makes sense. And I’d always get the sounds. Girls, you know the sounds. The sounds a guy makes when you’re going down on him – it’s great.

Okay, skipping ahead to Dale. Dale. A fucking fuckboy if there ever was one. For a hot second, this is how pathetic I was lol, I was like oh my god this guy has to be my soulmate. He was fucking weird and wasn’t turned off by my irrationality and weirdness. But he was an ‘actor’, and at the time I was like, “yeah, this is so good!” It was mediocre. His acting, I mean. But hey, he acted like he wanted to be my boyfriend the whole time, and then he did and said what he did. So. It’s all good though, he gave me good material…in more ways than one. And only the people that I’m close to know what that other source of material is. Anyway. I won’t deny that I like…really fucking liked him and was super into him. And sex with him was like really fucking good. But that could also be because he made it a point to play ‘Tear You Apart’ by She Wants Revenge, because I told him I always wanted to have sex to that song. It’s my favorite song. It really puts me in the mood. Anyway. He LOVED my blowjobs. And I’m not even trying to be conceited. Like, even though he’s an actor, and guys have claimed that they’ve faked orgasms before, the shit that went down when I was going down, you can’t fake or act. Dale wasn’t the first guy that I’ve had a conversation with about their love for anal. And everything ass related. I know he liked anal because of the tightness, of course. And I feel like he liked eating ass more than eating a vagina. And he liked it done to him. Now, it’s very easy to keep going further down when giving someone head. You hear the noises, sounds, responses and it’s all very sexy. You keep inching further down and before you know it, you’re licking his asshole. And that’s okay. And if you’re in that area, their dick is wet and you’re stoking it while going back and forth between his ass and his balls, I would imagine it’s great. Clearly I’m not a guy. But the sounds have always been positive. Needless to say, Dale was super into that. Both ways. I’ve never pegged a guy, or stuck my finger in his ass, that’s different, right? One of my friends does it with her boyfriend. They’re into that. I don’t think I could ever fuck a guy with a dildo, but I respect their relationship and their ability to go beyond being sexually adventurous.

So, I had a sexual encounter with this guy who was my friend back in October. Probs a mistake but whatever. So like, I’m sure to some guys it’s bad, and to others it’s good, but when I give someone a blowjob, it’s always really fucking wet. Like I make that shit wet. Not really on purpose, it’s just what happens after all the gagging, as I’m sure most girls can relate to. I know I probably gave his balls attention, but I didn’t get the sense that he’d be into like, me being all up in his gooch and or ass. I mean, he enjoyed the blowjob, and it had been 2 years since I’ve given him one, but I think all the saliva from his balls being in my mouth went down his ass and that, didn’t really freak him out per say, but after I came out of the bathroom, I saw him in the kitchen wiping with a paper towel from the base of his balls, all the way up to his ass crack. This really happened, guys. Totes norms. I laughed and I was like I wish I had this on snapchat right now. I asked him, though, if he’d ever let a girl give him a rimjob and he was like fuck no. And then I asked if he’d do it to a girl, and he said he’d have to think about it. Understandable, I suppose.
As for me, do I like getting my ass eaten? I mean, sure, why not, I feel about it how I feel about someone going down on me in general: it’s whatever. It’s kind of funny, maybe more so sad, but I’ll give a guy a blowjob because I don’t really care and I’m confident about myself in that sense. But when it comes to them wanting to eat me out, I feel like that’s only something I could do with someone I’m comfortable with. Like, yeah I’ve tasted myself before, I feel like every girl should, but I’m still insecure about my vagina.
All in all, I’m gonna give blowjobs how I give them. You never know if a guy is gonna freak the fuck out if you try and lick his ass. But that’s just a risk we should be willing to take. 


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