Do Guys Recycle?

Ideas, when it comes to dating, I mean.
Something I’ve been thinking about lately because it’s happened to too many of my friends, and sadly to say, even to my sister-in-law. And a particular situation came up with one of my friends, Maria. She dated this guy a few years ago when we were still going to Wright together. He was seemingly sweet, genuine, etc.  But, of course, being the crazy bitch that she is, being the crazy bitch that we all are, she stalked his ex. She had her speculations about him and the whole situation pertaining to his ex because if I’m not mistaken, she was still in his life. Or they were somewhat recently broken up. Something like that. That alone made her uneasy which I would be, too. I forget how long they were together for, him and Maria. I think it was only a few months. He was just an awful piece of shit person that manipulated people into doing what was best for him and his needs. I’m so happy that she has Sam now. Thank God.
Anyway, on a particularly blah Wednesday, she decided to stalk this guy’s ex girlfriend’s twitter or instagram. Maybe both, who knows. Us girls have better lurking skills than the FBI and that is a fucking fact. And I can’t quite remember what her exact realization was, or when, if it was during their relationship, before or after. I think it was all of the above to be honest because he was just gross. So Maria stalked this girl. Of course the girl still had pictures and shit of the two of them. But she saw pictures of the restaurants they went to, the jewelry he bought her down to the brand, and all these references and shit that he would say and do for Maria. Same Pandora bracelet and charm. Same restaurants, same references. What the fuck? Are you not creative enough to do some new shit? But he was literally the definition of a fuck boy, guys, no lie.

But this is a thing that can actually be a thing! Like, I know there are certain locations or whatever that you just like so of course you’d want to take the person you like//love there. But come on. When it comes to gifts and sweet gestures, be creative. When my ex and I broke up, I wondered if he’d do the same things for the next girl that he went out with as he did me. Like, the 1-800 flowers deliveries, the Tiffany jewelry, the comic and or celebrity couple references, etc. But I’m pretty sure he’d be creative enough to do something new. He was never the type to recycle ideas.

We’ve all stalked an ex. Been there, done that, made myself upset, and for what? I’m not going to say we don’t do it, because we do at some point but no girl wants to openly admit it because then she’ll just seem like the crazy one who’s threatened or something. So, that being said, if//when we do stalk exes, our friends are our only ally. My advice, though: we’re all gonna do it, but sometimes you might end up finding something you didn’t know if you needed to know or not.


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