Don’t Be Stupid

Whatever you do, don’t be fucking stupid. Know what you’re getting into before you do. Know what’s going on before you invest any time into anyone. Don’t be fucking stupid. Don’t put in extra work for someone who can’t reciprocate. Don’t put in extra time for someone who’s not worth yours. Don’t spend your day thinking about someone that doesn’t even really think about you – someone that’s thinking about someone else. Really? Okay. Wow; how sad. How sad that people can’t even really fully like someone anymore just for the sole purpose that nothing is ever what it seems. And guys wonder why girls have their guard up. People in general wonder why other people have their guard up. I’m just going to say, that if someone else is involved in your life in any aspect, be straight up. Tell them what you want and don’t want. Don’t string anyone along. If you’re not ready for something, tell them that. If you don’t like them like that, tell them that. If you’re not attracted to them in that sense, tell them that. Honesty is way too fucking important. And on a totally different note, it really pisses me off when people cheat on people. Like, girls who cheat on good guys. Guys that they’ve been with for a while. Like, why? What the fuck is the point? And it just makes me mad to the point where I laugh and then get angry and that’s not necessarily a good emotion to feel. If someone’s not ready to move on, then they should tell you. You have a right to know where you stand and so do they. Like, there are so many good girls who will suck your dick, let you cum on their face, and bake you shit, but you’re choosing the girl that cheated on you? Same goes with women. There’s a man who is willing to do anything he could to make you happy, but you’re gonna fuck him over just because you’re into your ‘fuck buddy’ that doesn’t even view you as a person? Like what the fuck is that? And it’s just human nature to either want what you can’t have, or go for someone who’s a challenge, or whatever our fucking minds conjure up.
I’ll just end this rant with how I feel, which pertains to anyone and everyone: I always say don’t settle for mediocre dick, or mediocre blowjobs, but for once I’m gonna say don’t settle for a mediocre connection. And by that I mean someone that’s not as into you as you are them, or they’re complacent. Someone that doesn’t care to talk to you everyday, or ask you how you are and genuinely mean it.
This rant probably won’t make sense because I’m kind of angry and all over the place, but… I don’t know. I don’t fucking know. I can say that bullshit that I say when I’m on a positivity kick like, ‘know your worth; know what you deserve; if he’s acting weird don’t even waste your time; you can do better; you’ll find someone who will treat you right’ etc, etc. But I don’t really feel like saying that right now. Because it doesn’t necessarily help the current situation, does it? Those are just words. They don’t mean shit. If a guy can’t even make set plans with you, then he’s probably not that into you, let’s be honest. It’s fucked up. Sorry time was wasted. At least now you know. Maybe next time you’ll be smarter.

I apologize if there are any incorrect grammatical errors. I don’t care to proofread this post.


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