Exorcisms & Sex

So, I was watching porn about a half an hour ago, and do you know what I noticed?
It sounds like someone is performing a fucking exorcism. A sexorcism! And I really wish that I was clever enough to have made that up, but sadly I’m not. I know I’ve talked about guys and porn, and girls and porn and touched on the topic that some girls in the videos are just way too annoying to watch. When they constantly say, ‘YEAH, YEAH, YEAH’. Like…throughout the entire video. Along with the over-dramatic faces that they make.
So, there was this one video that I came across and it just got me thinking about a combination of the other ones that I’ve watched before. You know how when a girl is getting fucked, and her voice kind of changes into that muffled groaning? And she kind of says ‘OH YEAH’ in a demonic-seeming voice? It sounds like she’s literally getting the demons fucked out of her. And then there are the ones where they’re portraying to be fucked so good, that they roll their eyes back or kind of get a little cross-eyed because ‘it feels so good’, all the while repeating, ‘OH GOD’. See? A fucking exorcism. Might as well just start chanting ancient Latin hymns and fucking throw up on the guy – that’d be more entertaining.

I’m well aware, however, that amazing sex can most certainly cause someone to act like that and make those expressions and noises. I just thought it was an interesting thought, and wondered if anyone else was weird enough to ever notice that.


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