‘My Girlfriend’

I wrote this poem a while ago: this is how I would never want to feel in a relationship again. It is supposed to be from his point of view, which is accurate. 

My girlfriend was a quitter,
You know that’s not for me. 
Although she had her moments,

She never could break free.  

My girlfriend was too silent,

But her insecurities were loud. 

It was rare to have a moment –

Where I stood back and felt proud. 

My girlfriend was the sinner,

And I was the good man. 

She wasn’t independent –

I always held her hand. 

My girlfriend was alright,

But nothing that I’d need. 

It took the first few months –

For me to really see. 

My girlfriend wasn’t the one,

I never thought like that. 

And when I broke it off,

I berated through my path.    

My girlfriend wasn’t stable;

Her mentality was raw. 

And when I finally left, 

That’s when I really saw. 

My girlfriend wasn’t easy,

I couldn’t handle her. 

Although I like a challenge,

She was way too much to bear. 

My girlfriend wasn’t perfect,

Her mind was too messed up. 

She was a lot of things –

But they were hard to love.


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