Social Media Vs. Relationships

In this corner, we have social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, snap chat, tumblr, etc.)! And in that corner we have the relationship! Who will take the first hit? Who will throw the first punch? Who’s going down faster than an intoxicated girl who’s insecure about her looks?
Let’s talk about this. I know SO many people that have had problems or disputes in their relationship solely because of social media:
He didn’t like my picture on Instagram. He didn’t post a status about me for our 6  month anniversary. He didn’t retweet my tweet about him. There’s a girl who’s on his best friend’s list on snap chat.
And I’m gonna be completely honest: I was no better in my relationship. It wasn’t enough for him to like my Instagram picture. If he didn’t comment on it, I’d be like what the fuck. And then I’d ask him about it and he did what every other guy does:


Him: Oh my God babe just because I didn’t comment on your Instagram picture doesn’t mean I want to break up.
Me: But you used to like and comment on all my pictures. Do you not feel the same way?!
Him: *rolls eyes and sighs while his head goes back* Fine, I’ll comment on it.
Me: Well don’t do it just because I’m telling you to! I want you to mean it.
Him: Ohhhhh my Goddddd
Me: Do you still think I’m pretty? Do you still want to be with me? Do you still love me?
Him: *Acts like he’s holding a gun, puts it in his mouth, and pulls the trigger*

Snap Chat:

Me: Babe… why is she on your best friend’s list…?
Him: Oh my God, Babe, why are we talking about this again?
Me: I’m just saying…
Him: You know that people will go on your best friend’s list even if they snap you and you don’t snap back, right?
Me: I guess. Whatever. *Crosses arms*
*3 minutes goes by*
Me: It’s just like, barely snap me. What do you have to snap her about?
Him: She’s my friend…
Me: Okay… but she likes you…
Him: *rolls eyes and sighs while his head goes back* Babe, no she doesn’t.
Me: Um, I know when a bitch likes my boyfriend.Him: *Acts like he’s holding a gun, puts it in his mouth, and pulls the trigger*


Me: Why didn’t you retweet that picture I posted of us?
Him: You know I barely go on twitter. If I do it’s for comic stuff.
Me: But you’ve retweeted ____’s tweets before…
Him: If I do that it’s because I’m already on twitter. Babe you barely go on twitter.
Me: Well maybe if you retweeted the cute shit I write about you, I would.
Him: *rolls eyes and sighs while his head goes back* I’m sorry babe. I don’t mean to not do it.
Me: It’s fine.
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah.Him: Are you sure?
Me: It’s just like… I want to make sure you feel the same.
Him: Oh my God babe. YES!
Me: Are you sure?
Him: Yes!
Me: But like for real?
Him: *acts like he’s holding a gun, puts it in his mouth, pulls the trigger*


Me: How come you didn’t write that much when you posted about our 2 year anniversary?
Him: Babe, you know I’m better with actions and you’re the one that’s good with words.
Me: I know, but you also didn’t comment on my post. Didn’t you think what I said was cute?
Him: I did babe, but I’d rather spend the day focused on you and us and not be on our phones.
Me: Aw. You’re right; I’m sorry.
*10 minutes goes by*
Him: What’s wrong?
Me: Nothing.
Him. Babe.
Me: What?
Him: What’s wrong?
Me: Nothing!
Him: You’re really going to ruin this day for us?
Me: *looks at him and gives him a bitchy expression* Oh, like I ruin everything according to you, right?!
Him: *rolls eyes and sighs while his head goes back* Oh my God, babe.
Me: *Just looks at him with a bitchy expression. Probably start to tear up*
Him: Can we just enjoy this day? (starts to say cute and meaningful shit, blah blah blah)
Me: You’re right; I’m sorry, babe. I just wanted you to like what I said because it means a lot.
Him: I didn’t like it, babe, I loved it.
Me: But you haven’t commented on it yet. Are you even happy that you’ve spent the past two years of your life with me?
Him: Not so much right now.
Me: *gives him a death stare*
Me: Were you being serious…?
Him: *acts like he’s holding a gun, puts it in his mouth, pulls the trigger*

The sad part is, I wasn’t on my period for most of these encounters, nor was I fabricating them for the sake of this post. Nick, if you ever read this, I’m sure you’re dying of laughter because that is exactly what happened. Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, you get the point. I’ve been single for almost 2 years. I was 20, about to be 21 when we broke up. I will be 23 in 4 months. I would like to think that when I get into another relationship, I will have matured enough to know that social media shouldn’t be a reason to fight, nor should it be that much of an issue in your relationship. We got bigger problems now like taking our birth control on time and doing our taxes. Now, for women, I think we can all agree that a profession of our man’s love about us to all of his friends and family on Facebook or Instagram is super cute and nice and sweet. We all want that. But we have to be understanding: they’re guys. Plus…I would try not to post shit about them all the time either. Because let’s be honest, when people overdo it, that shit gets annoying as fuck. Especially when you’re single as fuck and you see all this shit and you’re super happy for them but you’re also rolling your eyes and you want to vom all over your iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Vs. Relationships

  1. Hahahaha I love this! It’s so true. I wrote a post about a year ago on the dos and donts of relationships and social media. Basically innocent social media use is ruining romantic lives everywhere

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