Back From the Desert!

Both literally and metaphorically – ha-ha. 

So, for everyone that didn’t know, I visited my best friend in Arizona because she graduated from ASU (Arizona State University) woot woot!!! Go muffin! I was in the desert for about a week exactly. And it’s kind of funny because Chicago actually had warmer weather for the time I was gone than they did over there. I’m so happy I went! It was such an amazing experience, like for real. I ‘traveled’ for the first time by myself; that in itself is a pretty big step. I was away from my mom and my cat for a week. I experienced new nouns (people, places, and things). Overall, I loved Arizona. Some of the people there were a bit…different… But like Priscilla’s best friend Gabby – I love her! Like it’s crazy how many new people you meet. 

And in case you’re wondering about the metaphorical part of the desert, I hooked up with one of her best guy friends that liked me. Like. I had sex with him. So you guys know that’s number 3. But it was like…. So good. He had SUCH a nice penis. And I reaaaaally liked his personality. He was such a cool guy. It’s a shame he lives in Arizona. 

So, I gotta say, this holiday kinda sucked. Shit went down. Like. Bad shit. Someone very close to me tried killing themselves two days before Christmas. They just got out of the hospital yesterday. It affected one person in particular the most, and it was heartbreaking. I’m just happy they’re okay right now, and hopefully getting the proper treatment that they need. 

All in all, 2016 is approaching. I don’t have any set plans regarding what I’m doing yet but that’s okay. 2015 was kind of a shitty year for my family and I in more ways than one. And to top it off, I guess Nick was back visiting for the holidays. I was kind of sad, and then I was like wait, why am I upset? Walking back from the nail salon just 15 minutes ago, I realized that I eventually do want what’s best for him. I wonder if I’ll find someone as great, but I should stop wondering that right now. I recently came across a quote that said:

“Find your soul before you find your soulmate.”

How wise and true. I want to change a lot of things in 2016 but doesn’t everybody? 

Alright. I’ll write more later. 


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