‘I’m Sorry, Baby’

This is for every child that has a parent who is struggling with a mental illness. As a person with a mental illness, I worry about having kids and fear if they were to ever see me upset. 

I’m sorry mommy’s sick,

I’m sorry mommy’s sad. 

Im sorry mommy wishes she didn’t have what she has. 

I’m sorry mommy’s broken,

I’m sorry mommy’s numb. 

I’m sorry that you saw all that –

when you were so young. 

I’m sorry mommy’s sleeping,

I’m sorry she took those pills.

I’m sorry, baby, that you were alone,

During her attempted kill. 

I’m sorry mommy’s hurting,

I’m sorry mommy’s lost. 

She loves you very much, you know –

Despite depression’s costs. 

I’m sorry mommy lied,

I’m sorry to daddy, too. 

I’m sorry that this happened,

And it happened all to you. 

I’m sorry mommy’s head is sick,

I’m sorry you can’t make it better. 

But none of this is your fault. 

Mental illness is a killer. 

I’m sorry mommy’s away,

I know you miss her so. 

She misses you so very much,

I just wanted to let you know. 


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