So… What was that little thing that all your friends tell you before going on a first date…? Hm… Oh, yeah! DON’T SLEEP WITH HIM! Does oral count? I’m pretty sure it fucking counts. Oops. Oh well, I guess. I’m 22 and my morals are all kinds of fucked up because blowing someone is ‘okay’, but sleeping with them is just totally unacceptable until I know for sure that they’ll end up being my boyfriend. That makes no sense… But it does in my mind. I can be detached from giving someone head. I feel like I’m pretty good at it, and I enjoy doing it, and typically I’ve gotten good responses, so it’s like: yeah, I gave you the best blow job of your life, and I’m better than any other bitch you’ll date *insert nail emoji and that one bitch where she has her hand up like she’s serving something, but really she’s like, ‘I’m fabulous and what’*

So, I wrote him down on the list of the few people I’ve done that to, and don’t really expect anything from him. But he wants to see me again even though I told him that wasn’t happening again for a while. I guess we’ll see how this goes. 


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