Stopping Self-Hate: A Poem

Wouldn’t it be great

To start a revolution,

That goes against our fait 

And better constitution?

I’ve seen it once before,

Where no one dares to go – 

‘Cause the voices in our heads

keep whispering, so we don’t. 

The whispers get louder, 

as the looks become dim.

Food gets repulsive,

but still, you’re not thin. 

You cry and you wallow. 

You cut deep in your skin. 

Silly girl, don’t you know?

He just wants to be friends. 

After months of not eating,

your bones start to show. 

They all stop and stare – 

they can’t help but know. 

More time goes by,

and you look in the mirror. 

You’re still not appeased,

so it doesn’t become clear:

To start a revolution where you don’t hate yourself. 

I know it seems crazy,

but just hear me out. 

You’ll never be happy,

nor your body, at that. 

Just look at yourself,

And take a step back. 

It’s okay to be curvy,

and It’s okay to be thin. 

It’s okay to have stretch marks,

and it’s okay to have loose skin. 

It’s okay to have big thighs;

and It’s okay for them to gap. 

It’s okay to be imperfect,

And it’s okay to relapse. 

Just remember that you’re worth it,

And your beauty is profound. 

So I propose this all;

Let’s stop self hate, now. 

It takes so much effort,

And who does it help?

We’re all beautiful, 

I hope you know that. 

Our unique imperfections,

Should not hold us back. 

We should be rejoicing,

That our bodies are breathing. 

We should have been happy,

That our hearts are still beating. 

So look in the mirror,

And love what you see. 

‘Cause it’s a waste of time –

to hate your body. 


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