Random Substantial Rant

I know I don’t particularly write about anything really substantial, but my friend’s boyfriend is really into space and shit. And he showed her this song about a dog in the 1950’s that the Russians or whatever used to put into space. First off, the song is depressing as fuck. It makes you cry. No joke. Even though it was like over 50-60 years ago, if you read about this dog, Laika, it’s so sad. I’m somebody that cares more about animals than people. If an animal dies in a movie, best believe I’m bawling my eyes out. If a human dies, bitch, shoulda been smarter. And apparently, her real cause of death wasn’t even known until like the early 2000’s. They said she died of oxygen starvation, or something with her food and it being poisoned, and then they said that was after 4 days of being in space, but she really died from overheating after like 4 hours. And they never intended her to live. Or intended her to come back to earth. That’s what also makes it sad. And they trained her under extreme conditions, like confining her in her cage and shit progressively so she’d be used to the spacecraft. 

Animals are not stupid, by any means, in fact, they’re smarter than us in a lot of ways. We’re all mammals anyway. But the only thing they can’t do is speak for themselves. If something doesn’t feel good or right, all they can do is bark or yelp. And even then people are fucking retarded and don’t even acknowledge it. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just used a human. They said she was a stray so she already was used to harsh conditions. Why not just use a homeless person? Who gives a fuck? That sounds mean. Of course people are important. But when it comes to helpless animals, the way people treat them is disgusting. 

Maybe I’m just too empathetic. I’m too prone to everyone’s hurt and sadness. There’s so much sadness in the world. Has anyone ever thought that? Just took a step back and realized that our world is fucked up? I guess you can’t think about that, though. It’ll drive you crazy. It’s driven me crazy. 


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