Black and White Sex

And no, I’m not talking about interracial sex. Although, if you’re having that, good for you. I wanted to talk about this because just like the idea of cheating, I saw sex as mostly black and white. I mean, I’m not talking about basic boring sex. And cheating is never acceptable in my eyes, but through experiences with people and talking to them and their opinions on it, there is a little bit of gray. Very, very rarely. But, there’s a tiny speck. 

Anyway, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t advocate people enjoying what they enjoy when it comes to sex. Everyone’s different and what turns them on is different. That’s part of what makes sex so great. And as a woman, we don’t get cut much slack, but there are some double standards when it comes to sex and women, that men can’t get away with. If I kiss another girl, it’s hot and I’m having fun. If a straight male makes out with another guy, it’s ‘gay’. And I guess it’s also what your significant other will and won’t allow you to do. But some guys like the taste of their own cum. That doesn’t mean they like the taste of other guys’ cum. 

Some guys are into weird shit. Some girls are into weird shit. Me personally, I’m trying to not be so close-minded about what straight guys are into. But it’s a little hard not to be, I will admit. What do you all think?


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