And Now I Have a Heart

And now I have a heart –

It’s darkened and it’s thin. 
Be still the beating sounds,
’cause I have not learned to live. 
This heart is made of glass –
It’s frigid and it’s cold. 
I haven’t seen the light
Since you came and took my soul. 
You stole it from my body,
You ripped my insides out. 
You left me there to die,
And look where I am now. 
Months of breaking down,
Weeks of solely crying –
I needed the revenge;
To say ‘I love you’ would be lying. 
So I did what you did best,
I crept into your home. 
I took what you loved most – 
Fuck, I stole your soul. 
I went inside your body,
I rearranged your limbs. 
I took the vital organs,
The ones you need to live. 
I clawed through your intestines,
Your liver and your spleen,
I broke your back and bones;
Your presence tortured me. 
I broke apart your rib cage 
And found your beating heart. 
I gouged it from your chest,
And held it in the dark. 
I held it close to me,
I cannot let it part.
I killed you in your sleep,
And left you in the dark. 
Hours of deceit, 
I found my way back home,
I stumbled and I crawled,
And locked my bedroom door. 
I now feel happy,
I finally left my mark. 
I can now love another,
Because I have a heart. 

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