To All The Boys

How must she feel,

What a broken soul. 
There’s no one around her,
Her hearts been on hold. 
No one to care for,
No one to see. 
She roams the earth,
Looking for thee. 
Such a rare spirit,
They fall fast and hard. 
Her senses soon trickle,
Her weakness is charred. 
Soon they find out,
They notice she’s off. 
It all seems so sudden,
To cut such a loss. 
They slowly divide,
She’s seen all before. 
And yet they still hide,
Their feelings are torn. 
‘What a good girl-
She’s so hard to find.
But her senses are warped,
It’s all in due time. 
Let me just stop,
It’ll never work out. 
She’s was a great girl,
But I’m looking for someone else’
And soon like the others,
They wallow away. 
Said to be single,
But don’t stay that way. 
Was it something she did?
Did she hear you alright?
Was it too overwhelming to put up a fight?
Is the new girl pretty?
Is she not as quick?
Is there something about her that makes you not tick?
Is she wholesome and kind?
Is she conservative, too?
Or she’s just the right girl because I wasn’t for you?


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