Flaws in an Ex Boyfriend

I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw wrote about this topic in Sex and the City. But I’m talking to one of my friends about her ex boyfriend. He was 26, living at home, (which is okay; I understand people move back in with their parents), but he legit let his parents control every aspect of his life. And hers. They constantly put her down about her life and life choices anywhere to how she dressed to what she put on her plate. Can you fucking imagine? And they didn’t even go about anything in a healthy way. It was all: ‘you do this or you’re a piece of shit’. ‘We know what’s best for you’. HA. okay. Why don’t you work on your son?
Anyway, she and I were talking about the whole situation. You know, blinded by love – that shit. Where they left, he was in school, and working. Which mostly was by her influence, might I add. So that got me thinking. How many times do we leave the person we dated, a better person? What if for the next girl he dates, he finally got his career started and is living on his own. How is that fair for my friend to put all these years and efforts into him and their relationship, just for it to not work out? Just for him to be ‘perfect’ for the next girl? In relationships, is that all we’re doing? Just getting our partner ready for their soulmate? Someone who loves everything about them, no matter their flaws? Oh wait, that’s because all the serious flaws they had, the previous girl dealt with. And then does that mean that the next guy we find, will be like finding treasure? We ask: how are you single? Who would throw you away?
You have to wonder: how shiny was that ‘new’-found treasure in its last relationship?


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