Hunger of the Pine

*I wrote this about a year ago; I don’t know why I never published it.



I searched for you beyond the pines;
To which you’ve stumbled out of place.
I looked between the weeping vines,
But I still could not make out your face.
I waited for you to make the call;
For you to come and find me now.
But on my way back I started to fall –
That feeling that I knew quite well.
With a hunger in my heart,
and a pining in my soul,
You broke our love apart,
because I wasn’t whole.
And now you want us back,
With an aching in your loins.
But it’s time to face the facts:
Our love is now destroyed.
But yet I still pine:
My soul is restless.
My heart can still ache,
Because it was invested.
I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know what to say.
The hunger of the pine –
Is such a dangerous game.


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