Not Yours, Never Was

Not yours, never was.
I’ve called your name, with no such luck.
A thousand suns, and a million moons-
It all means nothing when my thoughts are you.
You’ve claimed it well, you really did.
I bought you off, and then we slipped.
Those tragic years were all a waste,
Our heads are sunken and our hearts debased.
I’m not the one, but that’s okay.
Because I’m sure I’ll be someone else’s someday.
As for you, I don’t have words.
Well, I guess I do – writing this hurts.
But I’ll be fine. And you’ll be well.
I’m coming alive through living this hell.
But a part of you still consumes me –
It’s tragic in its way,
To keep me from moving,
Because I wasn’t worth the stay.


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