Not Deserving of a Title.

So. Thinking about life and shit. How I loathe my body. How I’m sad because I still love the person who broke my heart. How it’s exhausting feeling these feelings and wondering why there’s even a point to continue feeling them. For what? What good does hating yourself do? What good does loving someone who doesn’t love you do?
It’s frustrating. And now… Apparently the way I approach guys or talk to them is bad according to some of my friends. Let’s talk about this: of course when I get that vibe from a guy that says: hey, I’m just trying to fuck you, of course I’m going to say: sorry, I’m not going to fuck you.
Is that bad? Is it that bad to be so open about sex? And they’ve had more sex than me.
Every single one of my friends have different experiences and preferences. Essentially, we’re all friends for a reason. I Know they love that I’m so open and blunt. But I guess it’s bad to do that with guys? And then it just goes back to this whole depressing cycle where I question and wonder what guy can appreciate that. Was Nick the only one?
Yeah… I used to think that he was the only one that would ever be like in love with my boobs. Turns out… Most guys love boobs. Who would’ve thought.
It’s just one of those times where you question your entire life and life’s purpose and wonder what you’ve done wrong and where you’ll be in 5 years and shit like that.
This whole holiday season has sucked. Usually I’m on top of shit. Not this year. I’ve been side tracked.
I hate everything right now. And I feel awful because all I do is talk about the same shit… The same problems… The same complexities. Yeah, that makes for great blog posts. Sorry, guys.


2 thoughts on “Not Deserving of a Title.

  1. Some girls love playing “the game” and trying to figure guys out. Some guys get scared off by girls who are blunt. Its harder for them to hide or make up excuses for being someone they’re not. There are lots of guys that love a girl like this but they’re usually confident direct guys who know what they want and can handle a lady like you. Just seems you require the best and dont play the guessing games. Stay yourself! You’re a rare find. P.S. boobs are the best and my favorite!

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