For Every Guy

For every guy who has ever been cheated on, or fucked around with by a girl, I’m sorry. Just how a girl is after she gets her heart broken by a douche bag, she’s afraid that every guy she meets will end up doing the same thing to her. Is that how it is with guys? Are you afraid that every girl will end up that way? And, I’m not sure what the word is, whether it’s funny or ironic or something smarter and more fit for this sentence, but guys and girls fall into that same pattern. We, as girls, have a tendency to overlook the nice, sweet guys, and go to the assholes who fuck us over. Same goes with guys. You overlook the girl who’s willing to give you everything, and go to the same kind of bitch who broke your heart. For what? Why do we do this? Emotional masochism? It seems so. And the thing that kills me… Literally rips apart my insides is that we’re terrified to try. I don’t blame us. But then how will we ever learn to love again? As pathetic and cliche as that sounds. Like… ‘I’m afraid to get hurt again, so I’m going to inadvertently hurt you by pushing you away because I’ve been fucked over. Even though you’re nice and sweet and don’t seem like a bitch, I can’t be with you.’ BUT WAIT! A few weeks later, you see the same guy and or girl, and they’re with a new girlfriend or boyfriend. And what happens? They seem happy. For a while. Until they get fucked over yet again. I know firsthand and secondhand. And it’s obviously been on my mind a lot lately and in these posts, because never in my life have I had the opportunity of meeting guys who have been fucked over. Besides my two close guy friends. And it’s like damn… This shit really does take a toll on a person. No shit. I couldn’t even imagine. And some people have the misfortune of experiencing it more than once. And it’s like… What the fuck makes that fair?! But then you ask yourself if something is wrong with you for them to not want to try. It’s not you. It’s not even them. It’s the fucktard who broke their heart.
Okay I’m writing a lot of shit about relationships and being heartbroken and I’m annoying the fuck out of myself so I do apologize, however, it’s also how I feel and I’ll never apologize for that and writing it. Guys who ‘finish last’ and think ‘assholes always win’ ask themselves why girls are so dumb and go back to the same kind of guy. Yeah? Well you guys are dumb, too. You go back to the same kind of girl. You go back to the girl who’s passive aggressive and not even a bitch, but a cunt. You don’t realize it, but you’re more giving to her than she is you. You’re more available to her than she is you. I know. Trust me. It’s just more common for girls to be the one waiting around. So … What kind of hold do the girls who make guys do the waiting have on them? Do they give amazing head? Have nice boobs? A great ass? Is it physical since their personality sucks? Are they into anal? What is it? Ask yourself that next time.
Also… On a side note… Everyone who disagrees with what I’m about to say can choke on a dick.
It is very apparent that first loves, even second loves don’t work out. And that love in general is not by any means necessary, a fairytale. HOWEVER, I do believe that everyone should be with someone who does nothing but appreciate them. In more ways than one. Everyone deserves that. Even before my breakup I thought this, and I still think it. Never settle for anyone who doesn’t make you feel wanted. Who doesn’t make you feel like the most attractive person in the world. I did find that. But it didn’t work. So, whenever the time is right, hopefully I’ll find that again, and it’ll be that much better. Guys: never settle for a girl who won’t let you keep your scruffiness if you want, because she says it feels annoying when you kiss her. Never settle for a girl who doesn’t give you surprise blow jobs.
Girls: never settle for a guy who doesn’t make you feel beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, hot and everything else everyday. Never settle for a guy who doesn’t think you’re worth everything and more.


One thought on “For Every Guy

  1. Very well said and I could not agree more with you. The phrase for the rest of everyone’s life should be NEVER EVER SETTLE!! You are worth more than that.

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