People Who Cheat

It’s been on my mind a lot lately, especially seeing shit about it, reading about it, and talking to people about it. Someone that I don’t talk to anymore told me that his girlfriend of two years cheated on him. Wanna know how he found out? She was posting pictures of her and this guy on Facebook (omg, facebook, really?), and she hadn’t talked to her ‘bf’ for a while, so, he finally talked to her and he’s like are you cheating on me with this guy? And she’s like ‘yeah, I just didn’t want to confront you about it, sorry’. Like, what? After two years?! And now he has ‘commitment issues’, so he decided to be a man whore and now he wants someone who can be his friend with benefits. He asked me, but, fuck that. Continuing on, my friend was talking to this guy whose girlfriend of nine months cheated on him. This guy is 6’3, and so fucking cute. Like hot. Why the fuck would she cheat on him? Granted, maybe he was a shitty fucking boyfriend. But then why not break up with him? I don’t get these bitches who claim to love their boyfriend, and then cheat on them. Not even just kiss someone else, but fuck someone else. I’m really weird about sex, as in, who I do it with. I’d want it to be someone I liked and connected with and blah, blah, blah – all that corny fucking bullshit. Sorry not sorry. So, I could never imagine fucking someone who wasn’t my boyfriend, or whatever. I guess I look at it as like: you have this one specific penis for now going in you. And your vagina is the only thing it’s going in for now. And you’re just going to have a different one go inside you, while you’re still with the previous one? So now two different dicks, one you said you’re committed to, are going in you? Like, no problem? Damn, bitch. I guess it depends on what you consider to be cheating. For me, if you feel the need to even extensively flirt with people constantly, then why are you with the person you’re with? Are you not happy? Then leave them before you cheat on them. I know it’s not always that black and white, however, it’s just something that’s not fair. And this doesn’t just go for girls. I’m not saying these girls are fucking blood sucking sluts. They might be, but you never know. This goes for guys, too. It’s just usually more expected from guys. My friends have been cheated on before by their dickhead boyfriends. But I had yet to encounter a guy who was cheated on and got his heart broken. Since being single and meeting different people, I have though. Especially if your boyfriend is hot as fuck, why would you cheat on him? But I guess that goes for guys, too. They could have the hottest girl ever, who’s amazing, but still cheat on her with some random bitch. For the record, I would never want to date or be with someone who was only with me because they know I’d never cheat on them, so they’d never get hurt. I’ve met people like that before. Like, no dude, I’m not a fucking back up. I’ve also met girls who think that – date this guy because he’s ‘nice’, and they’ll never get hurt. Yet, it’s the guy who ends up getting hurt. So, please people, don’t take an interest in someone or date them just because they’re ‘safe’. It’s fucked up. Alright, that’s all.


5 thoughts on “People Who Cheat

  1. I agree. Guys are always viewed as these cheating man-whores who do nothing but get with girls just for sex. Not saying they aren’t out there because they are….but females are just as fucking shady. And it’s funny because I actually got into an argument with another girl because she said I was slandering my own gender for “approval” from a guy (which I don’t need. I’m happily taken, for one and two, I don’t need a man’s approval). But it’s the truth. I laughed in her face and told her she needs to open her fucking eyes. We aren’t back in the day and this isn’t a fucking fairytale. I don’t get people who put women on a pedestal and act like women don’t do any kind of wrong when it comes to relationships. Girls ARE NOT the only ones get fucked over, cheated one, and blah blah blah. Girls can be just as shady as a guy, playing around with guys’ emotions and all that shit. Not saying that they don’t because they do. Guys can be shitty, but so can girls…ya know. And that was really really fucking shitty of that girl. Like you can’t be woman enough to just end the relationship? ESPECIALLY after two years? What a bitch move.

    • Yes! Im glad you agree! I was worried girls would be offended, but its true. It goes both ways, but I’ve just heard more about girls cheating recently. And yes! That was such a shitty move on her part. But according to him, she hated giving blow jobs and she wasnt that great at them, so I told him he dodged a bullet. Lol.

      • I’m not offended. I’m sure some girls will be. Everytime I go on a rant on twitter about shady females…I always get some chick in my mentions being all pissy about it. It’s usually girls who are a few (or more) years younger than me though. So, I’m just like….just wait, young grasshopper. You will see the “real world” soon enough. But I totally agree with your post. Well, in that case…I guess he did. Haha. But still, he at least deserved a damn break-up. Shit.

      • Yeah, they have a long way to go. But I do, too, not gunna lie lol.
        And I know. Granted, he’s kind of a dick, but still, she seems like a total fucking bitch.

      • Lol we all do. We always have learning to do. I’m only 23.

        and yeah she does. but hey, life goes on.

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