How I feel (Seemingly Bitter Rant)

I hate the world today. Currently, I am filing my nails, which is something I NEVER do, unless I’m getting them done. I guess at this point I’d rather file them and make them look as decent as possible as opposed to biting the fuck out of them. I’m so annoyed – no idea why. People are just annoying. I hate girls who are bitchy and … ugh. You know, the stereotypical white girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as white as they come. But they’re just so annoying. Some of these girls, the ones that I’ve had the displeasure of meeting, are just like…horrible fucking people. And they’re fucking gorgeous! That’s what kills me. They’re so fucking pretty, and they know they’re pretty, but they’re so fucking ugly on the inside. I sound so against my own kind – I’m not. I’m just against bitches and cunts, I guess. And not the good kind of bitchy, or good kind of cunty. Like, straight up fucking slut bitch cunt that has no soul and has no problem fucking anyone over to get what she wants. Which is why, whenever I talk to a guy, aside from the uncomfortable forward questions I ask, I also ask if they’re one of those guys that only likes super, super skinny blonde bitches. I used to admire girls with blonde hair. I dyed my hair blonde when I was 15 because I legitimately thought that it would make me prettier. Yeah, that was a fail. It just annoys the fuck out of me, that these guys are so obsessed with these bitchy girls. For what? Because they’re fucking hot? Yeah, that’s cool, and you can fuck them and it’ll be great. But what about an actual conversation with them? I sound like a terrible fucking person right now, and I don’t mean to sound so bitchy. It’s just so irritating. Because, even though we are in our 20’s now, guys are still fucking douche bags and honestly don’t give a flying fuck whether a girl is intelligent, or funny, or whatever the fuck. She’s hot. That’s all that matters. And it makes them look that much better to their friends. Why would they want to bring a cute, decent looking girl who has great characteristics and an awesome personality, as opposed to a fucking drop dead gorgeous I-want-to-fuck-the-shit-out-of-her-girl?
Like, please tell me that they’re not all like that. I know they’re not, I’m just going on a rant because of some not so recent occurrences. But seriously, to some guys that’s all that matters. So, here’s a scenario: what if you like this girl, and you’re pretty into her. You bring her around your friends. Are you friends the kind of friends who’d be like ‘dude she’s such a fucking downgrade from your ex’, or would they be like, ‘yeah, she’s cute…as long as you’re happy’? Does that happen in guy world, the way it does in girl world? And let me say this: She could be the hottest girl in the entire world, with the most amazing body ever. If she doesn’t know how to give at least decent head, then, sorry babe, you’re in for a long fucking miserable relationship. But it’s all good – ‘she’s hot’.
I sound like a bitter fucking bitch right now. That’s not my intention. I’ll be the first to tell a girl that I think she’s pretty, or that she has nice boobs, or a nice ass. Or give her a compliment. What I have a problem with is girls who are just…awful. Guys who go for those super pretty girls, who look perfect even with their hair up, and look amazing naked and or in anything, who are preppy rich bitches. Which, if that’s your preference then by all means, please, go after that. I’ll just never be that. And maybe that’s the problem. I have come to admire my personality and how I am. And I’d like to think that I’m a genuine caring, nice person. But if you’re a bitch to me for no reason, best believe I’ll be a bitch back. Okay, this post has turned into something that I didn’t mean for it to.


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