So This Guy…

Before I continue any further, kindly note that this is actual life and not a fiction story. I’ll change his name (you’re welcome), but not what he sent me. I’m still deciphering how I feel about it. And let me get one thing straight: If I encounter situations and actual guys, or people in general for that matter, best believe I am going to write about it. I won’t say who they are, or go into detail about how I knew and or met them, but sometimes it’s just so funny. Like, really dude?
So a while ago, I was talking to this guy for a few weeks. He was cute, and could be nice. By ‘could’ I mean that he had an asshole sense of humor; he was extremely sarcastic and just such a dick in a joking way. And me personally, since I can be such a sarcastic bitch, especially used as a tactic when flirting, I loved that he didn’t take my shit, and we’d just go back and forth insulting each other. Note: I do not like guys to be legitimate assholes. Anyway, so he was pretty cool… until he wasn’t. But that’s how these things go, right? When we first started talking, of course I didn’t hold back my opinions, jokes, and sarcastic bitchiness. What for? Who the fuck am I trying to impress? Some guys like it, some don’t. The ones that don’t can have fun with a basic bitch that they’ll probably be miserable with. Needless to say, he liked it and appreciated it. There have been a few guys that I’ve met these past few months, even just for the sake of meeting new people and making new friends, who have told me that they’ve never met a girl like me before. Being 1 part cynical and 1 part bitch, some I’m sure thought that by saying that, I’d automatically want to suck and fuck their dick. Try again. But others were sincere and genuine. I can tell. Side note, I totally had this conversation with my mom a few days ago. She told me that in some instances, guys don’t know how to react to my straightforwardness and that it probably catches them off guard and they’re put off by it. If that’s so, cool – that’s just not their preference. But I appreciate guys who appreciate it. Continuing on with my story, he told me that which ever guy I marry, is the luckiest fuck in the entire world. I knew he liked me, and he eventually wanted us to be in a relationship. He said that he had been single for the past two years and did the whole hooking up thing, friends with benefits thing, all of it. To be honest, I’m not all that surprised by the text message he sent. Throughout our …. ‘flirtationship’ if that’s what you want to call it, he was very wishy-washy. One minute he’d tell me that he wanted to eventually be my boyfriend and the next he’d tell me he thinks I should stay single and experience it. Like, I’m not trying to be anyone’s girlfriend right now, but really dude…make up your fucking mind. I understood, however, because he had been in a relationship where the love of his life cheated on him and all that.  So he said he had commitment issues, but get this, he was like ‘I’d be willing to try it with you’. It was sweet whether it was true or not. I do think he was genuine most of the time, he was just a 22 year old guy. So, after like three weeks of talking to me, I asked him what he expected to happen. I had asked him this before and he’d always say that he wanted to see where things went and eventually be with me and all this shit. Literally implied it less than 24 hours of sending me the text that he did. So whether I wanted something with him or not, you could imagine my astonishment.

These are his exact words:

“What I want?? To be super honest….friends.With.Benefits. Why?? Because I’m going to the west coast in a year…do you think it would be smart to start dating now?? No. Because I’ve already experienced what happens when someone goes away to college. And it doesn’t end in a fairy tale. It would be pointless right now. Being in your 20s in MY opinion is all about self discovery. If you just read and still can’t comprehend what I just said…then I seriously want you to delete my number and block me because there is no more use explaining. I cannot be anymore clear. Just in case you didn’t read the first lines….I want friends with benefits. The end.
Please don’t respond with some crazy long ass text ok?? Thank you babe *insert four kissy face emojies*”

I’m not bashing this kid by any means. I respect him for being honest. I just don’t understand why he wasted three weeks talking to me when he didn’t even get anything out of it. And I loved how he said he can’t be anymore clear and there wasn’t any point to explaining himself, as in he had to constantly tell me that. Um no motherfucker, I was pretty fucking clear on the whole honesty and being upfront thing. It’s not like I really liked this kid or wanted to be in a relationship with him, he was just nice to talk to. This happened a while ago, but due to recent occurrences, I decided to talk about it. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was send a crazy long ass text, but I waited and eventually texted back, taking the high road approach:

Well, it’s been super awesome talking to you.
And I hope you find that person. And I also hope that you end up finding a girl who treats you well and makes you feel that love that you had for Blank. You deserve it.”

Short and to the point. I’m glad I experienced a situation like this, though, because it makes for great life experiences and even greater writing.


8 thoughts on “So This Guy…

  1. I’m sort of annoyed. I hate when guys do this. Spend a bunch of time with you making subtle hints that they could/would be serious, but then out of the blue their brand new ppl with brand new intentions. I’m not amused. I’m glad you took the high road though..I’m not saying I would have sent a long ass txt in this situation but I would have let him know that he was flattering himself, and that I would need for him to stop that shit effective immediately. I hope all is well with you though lady, I so enjoy these posts.

    Happy Blogging =]

    • Yes! That’s why you kind of always have to keep your guard up with guys especially. And he was flattering himself. Like no motherfucker act like I wanna date you lol.
      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy them!:)

  2. You’re cool. I like that. Perhaps friendship is on the table here? Create some sort of blogging friendship society? Ok, said my piece. Keep doing what you’re doing x

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