Um, okay so I would just like to say that I really dislike guys who are douche bags and think that they can get any girl (motherfucker yeah right) and they’re not even hot. The ones who I think are the ‘typical douche bag white guys’ who think super skinny blonde girls are the hottest fucking girls in the entire world. Or guys who just talk about all the girls they can get or have gotten. You’re really telling me this? For what? If anything, it makes me want to punch you, not fuck you. And this goes both ways. Girls who think they’re too hot for a nice guy or whatever the fuck. Apparently, bitches and douche bags go hand in hand together. And I’m aware that this might make me sound ignorant. Not every guy is like that; not every girl is like that. But when you’re standing there talking about this super hot bitch, who had a ‘perfect’ body that you got with, like why would that make me like you? My hair isn’t blonde. My boobs are a size 36D. And my ass is pretty much existent I would hope. I do have hips. I’ve gotten compliments on my thighs more this summer than I ever have by different types of guys. Naturally, since I’m me, I didn’t see it as a compliment even though they meant it as one. But now it’s kind of to the point where if a guy is going to be the type of guy to limit his choices like that – so narrow, then why would you want him anyway?
Just a tip: never settle for someone who doesn’t tell you you’re beautiful everyday, especially someone who doesn’t make you feel beautiful everyday. I used to write about how grateful I was to have someone who thought I was, as well as my body and every part of it, even though I couldn’t. I’m still grateful for that. And in trying to love it myself, I know that I will never, ever be with someone who doesn’t make me feel pretty or attractive.
Some people genuinely have a fucked up view of themselves. Even though everyone else sees something completely different.
But I’m also aware of the burden that weighs on your significant other when you don’t like yourself. That was part of the demise of my last relationship. And now, I know better. Okay this whole rant kind of got off topic a bit so I apologize. I think everyone can be shallow to an extent. You can’t deny that you have to be initially somewhat attracted to the person. However, and this is the truest thing in the entire world, no matter how attractive they are, if their personality fucking sucks, then they’re ugly.
Girls who aren’t confident is like the biggest turn off to a guy. And I don’t blame them. I’ve witnessed it both ways. But it’s a process that takes a lot of work.
I just know that whomever I talk to or date, I’d never be with someone who made me feel less than. Sometimes as girls we worry if someone is ‘too hot’ for us. And I know there are some occurrences where guys think that the girl is too hot for them, but obviously you’re both attracted to each other. And I guess that’s how you should look at it. Holy shit this is longer than expected. Sorry. And now I’m not even sure if I got my entire point across. Anyway, that’s pretty much it.


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