When Two People Are Broken

Just a thought: when your heart is still trying to fix itself after it’s been broken, and you meet someone whose heart is also broken, can those two people help to mend each other? I mean obviously this part of the process, the entire process actually, is meant to be dealt with by you and you only with the help of family, friends, pets, Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls. The same person who broke your heart can’t be the one who fixes it. How can they be? And if by some miracle that person and you end up together, I hope to God you were able to mend most of it back together again because if you haven’t, then that relationship will be a disaster. We can’t depend on someone to be our only source of happiness and security. You can’t depend on anyone for that except yourself. I guess at this point in my life, most people my age have had their hearts broken, including guys. But is that how great second loves start? Two broken people find each other and are able to fix themselves back up? If one is scared to open up again and you’re able to help them with that, then you’d mean something to them. If the other person is scared to love again and finds them-self falling in love, then that person would mean something to them. But what about the people who broke us? Whose heartbreak wasn’t as extreme because they were the one doing it. That doesn’t mean their heart isn’t as broken, it’s just a different kind of broken. It’s fractured, not broken, because who you guys were together is no more. And you’ll never be the same again. On a side note, if anyone who’s been broken up with is reading this, listen to these Jhene Aiko songs: The Worst, Comfort Inn Ending, 3:16am, and Vapors. I have a newfound love for her. Those lyrics speak to my soul. I can feel the pain in them. And yes, it’s a bit depressing, and my ex boyfriend and I were never disloyal or unfaithful to each other. That’s something I would never tolerate. But the songs are still great to lay down and listen to while you sink everything in. And of course, after you’re done listening and being sad, listen to upbeat country music and also rap music. It tends to make me feel a little better.
There are loves in this world that we’ll encounter in relationships. Some will just be there, and some will be great loves. This love was a great love, a first love. A first, great love. And with that came my first, great heartache.
Just thinking about this, when you get into a relationship with someone, you take on some of their baggage from their last relationship. What if they’re not over their ex? What if you’re not over your ex? This vicious cycle when it comes to second loves seems exhausting. So, I’m not really sure if there’s a point to any of this. To answer my question though… Can two broken people fix each other? Well, I’m sure they can. However before you find yourself in a new relationship, make sure you were able to mend your heart by yourself with time. Don’t depend on another person to fix the hurt. Because then what happens when they go? You’re destroyed all over again. And you don’t deserve that.


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