Girl Parts: Men vs. Boys

Like many conversations in my friendships, this topic was brought up when I was uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit in front of a guy I’ve only met once for 30 minutes. Stupid – I know. And to top it off, come to find out talking to him is literally painful. So looking back, it was stupid of me to worry about how I looked to him. He was relentless and humorless. Those two are like wine and tequila: doesn’t mix well together. Anyway, I’ll save that story for another time. So prior to this night, my best friend Shannon and I were talking about going swimming and I was so nervous about being in a bathing suit in front of a guy who could potentially be interested in me. Although, given the experience I had of talking to him, I really don’t give a shit about how I look to him. When I voiced my concerns, she looked at me in the way that only Shannon can, and said: Colleen, we’re not in high school anymore. real guys don’t give a shit about whether a girl is a size 0 or not. They want girls with boobs and an ass. They don’t care about how you’d look in a bathing suit or not. They’re not gunna be like oh shit she doesn’t have a thigh gap. Oh, look at the cellulite she doesn’t have. They’re gunna be like damn her ass looks good. She has nice thighs.
Essentially, she was right. I’ve noticed that as we’ve gotten older guys aren’t as douche-y as they were when we were 17. Yeah, there are some out there that will never not be a dick. But a ‘real man’ isn’t necessarily always interested in hip bones or girls who don’t consider pizza real food. In my life I’ve met men and I’ve met boys. Maturity doesn’t always happen with age. But if a guy is going to judge you on your inability to show your ribcage without sucking in your stomach, is that really someone you’d want to be with anyway? Um… Fuck no.


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