It’s Kind Of Nice

It’s kind of nice not having to worry about someone other than yourself. Whether you’re in a relationship, flirtationship, or you guys have some kind of law-binding agreement signed in blood, you can’t help but stay within close proximity of your phone. And it’s so much worse these days – Snap Chat, Instagram, the ability to see if they read your message on Facebook. It’s horrible. So it’s nice to not have to check my phone seeing if a boyfriend or guy I liked texted me or sent me a Snap Chat or liked my Instagram picture. Because there’s no one even on that radar to do so. And I’m happy with that. It’s kind of nice. I expected this summer to be awful. It’s actually been really fun and I’ve done things and experienced things that I should at this age. Not being with someone – I thought this summer would suck ass. Yeah, I have my days. But as cliche as this sounds, and trust me I hate myself for sounding like this, I’m learning a lot about myself. And meeting new people is always fun. I used to hate it. But everything is always better when alcohol is involved. I’ve learned more about what I like in guys and what I don’t. For example, humor and valid intelligence is a must. You would think, what person wouldn’t want that? I pretty much thought most guys were humorous and intelligent. NOPE. So not the case. Some guys think they’re funny. But they’re not. I thought that only existed in movies. But it doesn’t.
Also, the ability to hold a conversation with wit and sarcasm is pretty much essential. At least to me it is. Anyway. The point is, you learn a lot. Not a lot, a lot. But enough for the time being. And soon there’ll be more to take in.
Alright. Well. This was all just a rant kind of post. Or an update. If anyone cares.


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