“A Woman and Her Stomach”

Shhhh; be quiet!
We are around people, the last thing they need to hear is the obnoxious noises you make!
You’re trying to make me look bad, aren’t you? As if you haven’t put me through enough. You know, I can’t believe you. You’re despicable. You’re a piece of 8 day old pizza in a
fraternity house. You’re nothing.
You think you can control my life, as if you have the power. Well guess what, you have! You have controlled my life. You’re the most controlling son-of-a-bitch I’ve ever met! And the worst part is, I don’t know how to get rid of you! It’s like you’ve attached yourself to me for some kind of sick, twisted joke.
Oh, really… Now you’re being louder. We are at Helen and Bryan’s engagement party. Helen, you know, my best friend. God damn at least be somewhat respectful for me. Could you do that? Is that too much to ask?
I ask for so little of you. All I did was try and make you the best version of yourself that I knew you could be. Of course I wanted you to look good so other women would be envious, what girl doesn’t want that? I just wanted to show you off as much as I could. Maybe it’s my fault for not treating you better and only seeing you as an object, or a project. Maybe I let too many material things get in the way. I apologize, but I’m not the only one at fault. You maliciously make me look bad. Like I’m some monster who doesn’t deserve anything. You purposely act bigger, and bigger as if you’re trying to prove some point. What are you trying to prove? That I don’t look good with you anymore? That no decent attractive man has even noticed me because of you. I can’t even wear nice things because of you. Because for some odd reason, you won’t let me! You think they look bad on me!
I fed you, I took care of you, and this is how you repay me?!
Sh! They’re doing speeches, shut up! Great. Now everyone is clapping and Helen is coming our way. She knows you won’t shut up!
“Sweetie, why don’t you eat something? Your stomach is making these noises as if you haven’t eaten for a week”
If only she knew.
“Helen, that’s sweet but I’m not very hungry.”
“It sounds like you are according to your stomach.”
“I just ate some bad shellfish the other night with Miles and it’s probably still digesting it.”
“Speaking of Miles, where is he? Bryan so hoped he would be here!”
“I know Hel, but he had to work later than he anticipated. He’ll be here for the wedding, don’t worry.”
“Well… Okay. You just look so sad with your empty plate sitting
by yourself. You sure you’re not hungry?”
“Thanks, but, I’m fine. Water is the only thing my stomach can probably tolerate.”

Great, thanks. Thank you so much, stomach for singling us out. Why are you doing this to me? I’m just trying to starve you a little to make you smaller. Is that too much to ask?


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