“When I’m a Writer”

I’m on the Brown Line with all these people who don’t know me. They’ll know me when I’m a writer. When I’m a writer, my book will be a #1 New York Times Best-Seller. I will have a publishing contract and my books will turn into very successful, less accurate adaptation movies. I’ll no longer have to live with my parents. My cat and I can get an apartment of our own – a nice one in the city. When I’m a writer, all my English teachers and professors can tell their classes, families, friends, “I taught that girl!”. When I’m successful, I’ll be able to go to Barnes and Noble without feeling like my career will never happen.
I can write about anyone who’s ever said that being a writer is the dumbest thing you can be. I will write about them, and that book, too, shall be a best-seller.
When I’m a writer, I won’t expect to be famous. I won’t expect to be rich. All writers want to be successful and financially comfy, but also be the best. The New York Times will say I’m the best. I won’t agree, nor deny, because when I’m a writer, I’ll still be humble. When I’m a writer, I’ll still take the train. I’ll take it because my life would be no different, other than for my success in a profession I love. People on the train won’t believe that I’m on the train – me; a well-known novelist. I won’t be able to get any writing done on the train because so many people will ask me to sign their books. My books. When I’m a writer I won’t have to go to school anymore, but I’ll want to. I’d want to get my MFA but also prove that you don’t always need a degree if you have the skill.
When I’m a writer, I won’t move to LA. I’ll be the same person I’ve been.
When I’m a writer, I’ll cry. I’ll cry because I’ve finally done what I’ve always wanted – to be a writer.


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