A Seed

A seed was planted in my brain;
It slowly traveled to my mouth.
And through my mouth it grew a name-
A fever I could not sweat out.
From my mouth to my heart,
The seed had grown its elongated stem.
It wrapped around the chambers of blood-
I am still breathing, but you could not tell.
The stem grew down straight through my chest-
Like wild ivy on the side of your house.
Of everyone who knew me best,
I thought you would be able to tell.
Down my throat the stem sprouted leaves-
Into my stomach, the pedals all grew.
And now in my stomach,
There’s a flower for you.
Now it has been there for weeks on end-
And the acids inside me are destroying.
The beautiful pedals, it’s elongated stem-
Sing to me, love, or am I too boring?
The beautiful seed that once lived,
And grew into a wondrous flower-
Is nothing more than a plant of death;
And with my love you have the power.


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