Gaining Weight.

Girls look at gaining weight as one of the worst things possible. I can’t talk, because I do too. I just weighed myself. I don’t know if it’s because I’m supposed to be getting my period soon, or I’ve been eating a lot because of my period, or I’m just eating a lot more than usual, but I’ve gained like 5 or 6 pounds. Sigh. Although I’m upset, I need to take a step back and look at is as it’s not the worst possible thing. I have been eating a lot more than usual. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting my period or if it’s just what’s been going on. But, it sucks either way.
However, I want to start being healthier for myself. I say that all the time, and I never follow through. But I want to feel better for myself. So, since I can’t keep anything to myself, here’s a list I want to start doing:
Drink more water
Take Zumba classes
Read more
Eat a little healthier
Eat something for breakfast
Get a healthy amount of sleep
Walk more
Tell myself I’m beautiful everyday.

We as girls have to remember gaining weight isn’t the WORST. It SUCKS, but, there’s always stuff you can do to lose it. For once, I feel confident that I’ll be able to follow through with this this time. Hopefully.
Wish me luck! Thanks to everyone who endures my postings!


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