I Hold You Close

I hold you close inside my heart.
Can you hear it? It’s beating.
I hold you tight inside my arms.
Can you feel it? I’m dreaming.
I’ve searched on land, and I’ve searched on sea.
There’s been no moons – no galaxies.
But at the right time,
And with the right place-
I found my love, and his embrace.
I found him through the death of my heart-
Of which he surprisingly brought back to life.
I found him despite the planets and stars-
This world had pained me with its strife.
I’ve traveled on foot through the broken glass road-
And spent my life feeling lost and alone.
But there you were – on the silkiest of paths;
Not broken at all; smooth at last.
My life was in two, and you ripped me apart.
But you’ve sewed me back together,
And have conquered my heart.
There must be a way, somehow on this earth-
That I could repay you for my heart’s rebirth.
There could never be enough lifetimes-
To rid you of my head.
And there could never be enough ugliness-
To rid you from my bed.
Your beautiful mind and your heart-wrenching soul,
Have bled me to death of the sadness I used to know.
I hold you tight inside my arms.
I never want to let you go.
I hold you close inside my heart.
And the blood it bleeds will always show.
I’m not the fairest of them all;
Honey, neither are you.
But to me you are, and me to you-
And that’s what makes the perfect two.


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