I give and give,
And you take and take.
Just let me live –
My life’s at stake.
Those tragic years-
Were all a waste.
And all our memories –
Erased by fate.
It’s clear to me –
That you’ve moved on.
And as I bleed –
You sit and watch.
You laugh about it to your friends.
Then lie to my face that you’re broken instead.
And here I sit, and there you lay.
Nothing left; nothing to say.
Our trouble teens have gone away.
We’re in new trouble –
The kind that stays.
I see you’re falling down this hole.
With all these people you don’t know.
I see we’re splitting far apart.
It’s up to God to play his part.
So here I am, alone in the dark.
There you are, embracing her warmth.
Here I am, alone again,
While you’re out with her and her stupid friends.
Why can’t you love me?
What did I do?
Am I that stupid for loving you?
Maybe I’m stupid, but you are, too.
And maybe we’re done.
I guess goodbye to you.


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