What Girls Really Want

To the guys who think that ‘girls are too complicated’, here are some life lessons:

We’re really not that complicated. All you have to do is:

  • Be Nice
  • Be sweet
  • Hold us
  • Surprise us
  • Know where the clitoris is located
  • Hug//hold us when we’re sad
  • Hug//hold us even tighter if we’re crying
  • Suppor us
  • Never stop doing cute things for us
  • And they’re anything like me, throw in a stuffed animal.
  • Tell us we’re beautiful/gorgeous/hot/sexy or all of the above.

And in return, most girls will most likely:

  • Give you a blow job
  • Swallow
  • Bake for you
  • Give you massages
  • Cook for you
  • Have random sex surprises
  • Get naked for you

The circle of love is not that complicated. Respect each other and love each other. I’m sure I’m missing a few steps a long the way, but that’s pretty much what it comes down to. I might get a lot of shit for this, but girls need to stop being so prissy when it comes to giving blow jobs. Come on. It’s your boyfriend’s penis, it’s not fucking torpedo, well, possibly depending on his ejaculation. Appreciate each other. I know it’s 2013 and housewives are pretty much extinct, but what do guys want more than to be fed and have sex? And I’m sure if you cooked naked for them, it’d be great.

And what do girls what more than to feel loved and wanted? To feel that you’ve never stopped caring about her, or feel that you think she’s the sexiest bitch ever.



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