I’m Beautiful.

Saying that is super hard for me. But I’m trying this new thing out where maybe if I say it enough, I’ll start to believe it. I’m beautiful, and my body is beautiful. Saying it is weird, but much easier than believing it. But I need to start believing it for my own sanity.
But believe me, I have days where I think I’m pretty, but most days it’s like mmm; better not.
It’s not fair to see beauty in everything but yourself. It takes a toll on you mentally and physically. I’m going to do something on here that I’ve never done: write nice things about myself:
1. I have nice eyes.
2. I like my red hair.
3. I think I’m funny
4. I’m very caring
5. I’m a good writer… (That one is a little hard to say)
6. My mind isn’t normal… But that’s okay, because I believe it leads to better writing.
7. I’m not like most girls in some senses.
8. I have big boobs.

There. 8 things.
I think we should all try being a little nicer to ourselves. It’s really hard, I know. But maybe this whole positivity thing has its benefits.


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