For the Record. . .

For the record, just because I say a girl is hot, or has nice boobs, or has a nice butt, it doesn’t make me a lesbian. Sure, I’ve had drunken make outs with my best friends, and not so drunken make outs, but that just makes me human, not a lesbian. I could never eat a vagina, no matter how drunk I was. Sorry, not sorry. I love Ellen, but I could never.

My cousin asked me if I was a lesbian. This was like three years ago, but still, it’s kinda sad. I don’t mean to act like a lesbian, but I have no shame in saying if someone is pretty or has nice boobs. Why should I keep it to myself? Girls should be complimenting each other more often. If you’ve never told a girl she had nice boobs, then what the fuck is wrong with you.

Just kidding,

but I tell my friends Briana and Priscilla that their boobs are A-MAZING. Like seriously. I’ve seen them both with and without bras. Like, porn star boobs. But classy. And not fake.

And my friend Mikailha has a really pretty vagina. I haven’t seen like… the whole thing, obviously, but yeah. I think girls should be more open to things and compliments like that. Why should we leave it up to guys to compliment our tits and vag? Of course they’ll like our tits and vag, they’re guys.

So, I’m not a lesbian. I just appreciate everyone and think every girl is pretty in her own way. And no, I’m not lying, I really do.


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