This is Disgusting.

Here are three pictures:




The sad thing is, I used to love quotes like that. I used them as ‘motivation’.
I cannot stress this enough, and I sound like a hypocrite, but, oh well. Someone I love doesn’t like them-self. She’s beautiful but she thinks she’s ugly. She’s skinny but she thinks she’s fat. She’s just becoming a teenager and I hate to see her not like herself. What is wrong with the world – with how we perceive what beautiful is? Why do we think bones are beautiful? Beauty to society: size 0-2, blonde OR brunette, flawless skin, perfect teeth, perfect style, perfect everything. What beauty really is: Anything: any size, any hair color, any skin type whatever! Beauty is in everyone because everyone is beautiful. I’m not skinny. There are things I don’t like about myself. But what kind of example do I set, then? Why do pictures and quotes like these exist? It’s sickening, and I truly wish society was different. But there’s nothing we can do to change society. We can only change our perceptions of ourselves, and hopefully make them positive ones.


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