The Wizard of Oz Gone Ratchet.

Could you imagine if The Wizard Of Oz occured in today’s society? Dorothy would be a ratchet ass ho, Toto or Todo…I can’t remember, would probably be a three month old baby, and her little basket that she carries around would be a fake Gucci bag. The Wicked Witches of the whatever wouldn’t be concerned about shoes, they would be her mother concerned about the baby’s daddy’s child support. Glinda would be the supportive BFF, who told her she should’ve just gotten an abortion ,and ‘The Wizard’ would be the pimp/drug dealer she’d have to fuck in order to get a ride back to her apartment. Well, maybe she’d be able to get by by just sucking him off. Who knows? And C’mon, Dorothy had a scarecrow, a tinman, and a lion. Which, might I add, were all presumed to be men. What does that make Dorothy? That makes Dorothy a whore.

The End.


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