Ew, Incorrect Grammar and Spelling Errors.

I was re-reading some of my posts, and I noticed a lot of mistakes. Not a lot, only like one or two, but that’s one or two too many. I feel like a hypocrite. I just feel that anyone who constantly uses improper grammar, at my age anyway, should be damned to hell.
Just kidding. But seriously, what are you? Satan’s spawn? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure he’s the one that said, “Let there be improper uses of semicolons!”
And BAM! That’s how abbreviations for texting was invented. Or were invented…? Fuck. Never mind, I’ll just be a fucking stripper. No one cares about proper grammar when you’re sliding up and down a pole. But there is math involved… Like counting the singles you get that are in between your ass cheeks. I hate math.
Fuck my life.


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