Why I Want to Do What I Want to Do

Have you guys ever just felt like you’re meant to do something with your life, or you’re meant to share what you have to offer with the world? Now, believe me, I really wish I was meant to be like a stripper or a playmate, I really do, but I’m not skinny enough and my boobs aren’t fake enough-(they’re not fake at all).
But sadly, working the pole isn’t what I want to do with my life.
I wish I was good at something useful like math or science. But, lucky me, I want to do something in the arts, as you all know.
I mean, being good at that can get you almost anywhere in life. What good can being an English major do? Telling people the correct term under most circumstances would be well instead of good?
Shit, even being a stripper would be a more secure career. Isn’t that supposed to be economy proof?
Anyway, I never feel like I’m good at anything. Am I even a good writer? Who the fuck knows. But I have this feeling deep down inside- my stomach, not my vagina, that I was meant to write. That I was meant to make people wonder what they just read, in a good way. To unleash the fucked up-ness in my head and transfer it onto paper so people can read it. To change peoples’ views on things. Okay it kinda sounds like I’m running a cult or something. I promise I’m not. I just feel that I’m meant to write things that stimulate the mind. Not like, smart shit, but like, other shit.
I feel like I’m meant to share with the world the things that go on in my mind. Whether I turn it into fiction or keep it real; that’s why I want to do what I want to do.


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