My Love.

Your spirit is lively,
Your soul is on fire.
And ever so slightly,
You quench my desire.
I long for you, to feed my flame-
The things I do when you say my name.
You’re a work of art; a masterpiece
And what am I? A travesty.
You’re a black diamond amongst a pearl.
You treat me like I’m the perfect girl.
Look at you; it’s easy to stare.
Your perfect tanned skin, the curls in your hair.
The brown in your eyes,
The scruff on your face.
I’m hypnotized-
By your crazy wonderful ways.
Do you realize that you’re perfect?
Do you know how much it shows?
Do you see how much I love you?
You make me quiver; make me groan.
I have this sense of happiness whenever I’m with you.
You take me to new heights and test my limits, too.
Nothing makes sense to me,
Everything is sad.
But when you hold me in your arms,
I have feelings I thought I’d never have.
You and I are like night and day.
Opposites attracts? Sometimes they do.
And if I could have my way,
I wouldn’t be with anyone but you.


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