The Monster Inside.

The monster inside feels no remorse.
Without my sadness, he can’t feed.
But then my mind brews up his course.
And with my pain he feels relief.
Searching for food, he starts to attack.
Whatever comes my way-
Whatever’s in my path.
His idea of a good time,
Is destroying the sanity inside my mind.
The monster inside feeds off my soul.
He breaks it down until he feels whole.
Hungry for his next little treat,
He takes my spirit and sets it free.
Not long after, does he devour.
And my mind becomes my darkest hour.
Pushing me away from those I love.
Isolating me until he’s done.
Soon I’ll be gone into his ways.
There’s nothing left but dreadful days.
The heaviness that lays inside my head,
He thinks of quickly, and then it spreads.
I have no feelings, I’m numb inside.
The inside pours out, and it’s all in my mind.
But this monster inside, I cannot see.
Because I’ve come to realize,
That this monster is me.


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