In a Perfect World.

In a perfect world, where we all can dream-
I would not eat, and I would not sleep.
In a perfect world, I would feel free.
You would not lie, and he would not cheat.
In a perfect world, we would all love.
No hate is allowed, and no hell is renowned.
This world would be happiness,
This world would be glee.
There would be no sadness,
And no sadness would be in me.
But this world is not perfect.
Happiness is not always free.
Sadness locks me in.
And nothing sets me free.
The winter months are especially brutal-
For my love of life grows dim.
And for the love of god, I pray,
I will not lose you again.
This world is so sad, and there are two ways for it to be seen.
Unfortunately my way, is not the way that I would dream.
Sadness can kill you.
It can make you take your own life.
And what people don’t get, is-
Nothing stops you when you’re that high.
When you’re high on sadness, not on life or drugs.
When you’ve made the decision to pull your own plug.
It’s selfish, it is, to leave loved ones behind.
But why are we to live,
When we’re just dying inside.
Some people are strong;
I applaud you, yes, I do.
For you live life all along,
Without feeling the suicide in you.
Now it’s time for this poem to end.
You all probably think I’m crazy.
This poem makes no sense,
And I don’t want to finish it because I’m lazy.


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