For Nick.

When sadness strikes me to the bone,
I come to feel that im alone.
And think of every single time,
Ive hurt you or deminished your pride.
When Love is nothing but a feeling,
when my soul is weak and barely breathing
When my tears burn my flesh and blood
When the dead awake and have roamed too long
When my Love for you is pure joy-
And joyness is not my feeling of
When the rain falls hard and we do too-
When my cat’s cries are funny to you.
When Love is something you cannot fake,
When theres so much more to life at stake.
When we walk together and hold hands;
When we attempt one another’s romance
When the flowers bloom and the spirits prey,
When all is won and is at bay.
My Love for you is your Love for me.
And you’ve made me very happy.


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