I didn’t know whether to add the ‘F’ in the title, but in case you all are wondering, it stands for ‘Chronic Bitch-Face Syndrome.
Hello, my name is Colleen, and I’ve been baring the struggles of this God-awful curse for twenty years. It really doesn’t help that I’m a white, red-headed girl. People already think I steal souls and shit (which is debatable, by the way). It’s not my fault I have this disorder, syndrome, whatever the fuck. Basically what it does is make me look like a bitch 24/7. Every.Single.Person has told me that before they got to know me, I looked ‘mean’ or ‘sad’. But that was in elementary school. Then when I got into high school it changed to ‘bitch’ and ‘you look like you’re gunna kill someone’
I’ve learned to accept it. It’s really not my fault. I don’t mean to come off as a ‘SEE U NEXT TUESDAY’ but it just happens. That’s the way God made me. I’m not a bitch….okay, yes, I can be. But I’m not a cunt. At least, I don’t mean to be. I can only imagine if I  weighed 110lbs and was confident in myself. I’d probably look like the biggest effing bitch in all of white-girl land.
Oh well. What can I say?
Sorry, not sorry.


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