When You Love

When you really Love someone, it terrifies you. The thought of it not working out is awful. When that person is upset with you, or you guys fight, you can’t go to sleep; you get sick to your stomach. You go over and over what happened, until it’s right again. You can’t think about anything else. To Love is the biggest risk. What if it doesn’t work out? Once you’ve had a taste of heartbreak, you’re terrified that it’ll happen again.
Sometimes you Love someone so much, your heart hurts.
Loving someone can be a wonderful thing too, though. You have someone to call yours. And even though the things that they do can annoy you, it’s worth it. I Love my boyfriend so much. I’m terrified of the future, but I know if I’m too focused on something that hasn’t happened or possibly won’t happen, then I’ll miss the present. I Love him with everything that I have. And he means the world to me.
I Love him so much. And I’m so happy to be his girlfriend.


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