Sorry I’ve Been M.I.A

For those of you who actually read what I like to say, let me start off by saying thank you. And for those who actually like what they read of mine, I love you. Lol.

So, for any of you guys who do like reading my posts or fictional tales about genitalia, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. School is kicking my ass. Luckily I only have one more week. I finished my ten page paper for my English final, but I need to revise and edit it. I kind of just wanted to get it done, so I was like alright I’ll just keep typing.
Anyway, I’m super tired, and I’m trying to download albums and shit for my extra credit history assignment. I’m driving to Wisconsin with my best friend, who already seems miserable about it.

But yeah. Hope to write more within the next two weeks.

Sorry if there are typos. I’m too tired to care right now.


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