Why Am I So Socially Awkward?

My history teacher is really cool, nice, laid back and funny. He intimidates me, though. I’m not a hundred perfect sure why. It’s probably because history’s not my forte and I feel stupid in the class. But I know everyone at least once in their life has had a teacher like this. So, today, I went to give him something to prove that I went on this bus tour as an exemption from a test. I give it to him, talking about it, and he seems glad that my mom decided to become a member of the history museum. Then, when there’s nothing left to talk about, he says, ‘Okay’ and I awkwardly walk away. Now, in the midst of talking to him this girl laughs, but I think shes looking at her phone. So I’m like okay, whatever. As I walk down the stairs, I see a big wad of green gum on my red sweater. It must have been on my desk. So I was talking to my history teacher the entire time with a wad of green gum right on my sweater, not knowing it was there. Then I was thinking that maybe the girl was laughing at the fact that I had gum on my sweater and was oblivious to it. My history teacher probably thinks I’m weird and stupid.
Does anyone else have these  feelings, too?


2 thoughts on “Why Am I So Socially Awkward?

  1. you said 100 perfect and i think you meant 100 percent.

    And no, you aren’t the only one that’s socially awkward. 🙂 Trust me.

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