I’m having an almost quarter-life crisis. I mean, I’m about five years from being 25, but, whatever.
I’m at a great story telling event hosted by my wonderful mentor, Jill.
Now, I’m subconsciously selfish. This event has some really great storytellers.
I can’t help but think about myself in this situation. I’ll be 20 in a little over a month. I’m still at community college, still living at home, still having the same dream of being a writer. But, how do I make that dream happen? Do you understand how many people are amazing writers, yet, they lose recognition due to people like Snookie who’s had 2 bestsellers!? How the fuck does Snookie have 2 best Sellers!? It’s just ridiculous. Who am I to be this great well-known novelist that I want to be? Is this really the career I want to pursue? Of course it is, but it’s really fucking hard. I’m passionate about it, but I’m lazy. My ability to look at life and see things and write about them in a way that people understand and can laugh at, I think, is okay. But my ability to write a creative novel isn’t that great. What makes me the exception of a 9-5? What makes me so special where being a writer becomes my very much anticipated dream career? What makes any of us so special?


2 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. I can’t stop reading all of your blog posts from top to bottom. Keep it up. You have something special. I can already see your name on a bestseller list:)

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