The Vagina Chronicle’s Purpose

To everyone that gets creeped out because I talk about vaginas a lot….get over it. Sorry, I’m not sorry. I don’t know what my intent is with these Chronicles. They’re just supposed to be funny and more or less insightful. They’re from a vaginas point of view on life, guys, and itself. Sorry if that’s disturbing to some people, but if it is, then you obviously don’t know your own vag. I’m by no means a feminist…please, I use more eyeliner than Amy Winehouse (Rest in peace) and Taylor Momsen put together. Point being I wear makeup and even though I think guys can be assholes, I’m not sworn off them, nor would I want to come after them with a bloody tampon or something. That’s a little gross, even for me. Anyway, I’m not intending on putting these together into a book of vagina diaries. Maybe, sometime in the future. Not now. I do think that it’s interesting to read what a vagina would say if it could talk. And since I think my vagina is fat and ugly, why not try to claim it? I should learn to Love myself and my vag. But, yeah. Sorry if you don’t like the entires. So far I’ve gotten good feedback on them, which I’m so grateful and happy about. And I want to continue writing more, along with other things.


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